Cyper Security of the Future


Password security for multiple accounts

Information technology brought with it novel and interesting problems which are constantly evolving and requiring attention to keep under control. One of these problems is security as sensitive data means the cost of a breach is much higher and so data security as an issue that cannot be overemphasized. A breach could affect a user by leaking access to private data which could not only supply the intruder with important personal information and leak other kinds of data. Asides from leaving the user more vulnerable to malicious attacks and undermines the privacy of the individual.

The main tool for ensuring the

The main tool for ensuring the security of an account is the use of a password to prevent access to the data by malicious third parties. This is largely effective as ideally, a strong password should be so personal that only the user can gain access to the data. It is advised that it should contain letters(both lowercase and uppercase) and numbers and should consist of at least 8 characters. Experts also advise using different passwords for different services to reduce the exposure should a potential breach occur and not leave all the individual’s data at risk.

Password security for multiple accounts

In a study conducted by NordPass around February 2020, the average person has around 70-80 passwords. According to another survey conducted later in the year, that number had risen to about 100 passwords marking about a 25% increase in amount of data for a person to manage. It is suggested that one of the reasons why people opt for a uniform password is the ease of remembering one or two as opposed to a hundred passwords. This spike in passwords was attributed to the lockdown in 2020 which saw increase in the use of online services and applications for personal and professional needs

NordPass also gave some tips to keep data more secure through passphrases. They advised deleting obsolete accounts which are no longer in use and the updating of all passphrases using a generating tool to generate strong words or phrases. The use of two-factor authentication is advised with an additional layer of security such as a hardware security key or biometrics. They advised the change of passphrases immediately a breach occurs to minimize damage as well as the use of a password manager to generate and store passphrases so the user only needs to remember one. NordPass, made by the makers of NordVPN is one of such tools which supports the storing of phrases and autofill for websites all for just under $3 a month

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